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After 2-3 weeks from the onset of the disease, patients may develop exanthema - spotted, maculopapular, urtand spleen, as well as darkening of the urine and discoloration of the feces.

In a mild form, the clinical manifestations of the disease can persist for 1–2 days. Reactive arthritis usually develops 1–2 weeks after the onset of the diarrheal syndrome. It is possible to damage one (often the knee) joint, the spread of the pathological process to the ankle, wrist joints, small joints of the hand and feet.

Jaundice is rare in hepatitis B. Liver damage can be very severe, up to the development of cirrhosis of the liver and cancer.
Treatment of sildenafil pills B is complex with the use of hepatoprotectors, antibiotics, hormones and drugs for the immune system.
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In this regard, at the moment, there is no effective vaccine against the disease.
Among all viral hepatitis, hepatitis C is the most severe form, which predisposes to the chronic course of the disease.

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The most common ways of infection are through the transfusion of infected blood, the use of surgical and dental instruments, and promiscuity. Treatment of hepatitis C is the most expensive among other types of the disease.
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Viral hepatitis E is caused by an RNA virus similar to rotaviruses. Methods for its cloning have been developed, and a test system has been created to confirm the diagnosis. The source of infection are patients with viral hepatitis E from the end of the incubation period and during the acute period of the disease.